Insurance Coverage

Divine Beauty Bar are now vendors for Houston/Harris County VA Hospital, Chicago/Hines VA Hospital, and Loma Linda California VA!! 

If your home VA hospital is not listed, please call or send us an email so that we can send a vendor request form to the VA of your choice!

We also accept CareCredit for items and services your doctor deem as medical necessary (breast prosthetics, Wig prosthetics, Microblading, Areola Restoration, Scar Camouflage, etc)!

Veterans are covered up to 100%, UHC clients are covered up to 90% and Aetna up to 100% based on your plan!  Whether you live in Texas or out-of-state and have UHC, give us a call/email/text today!


We are currently out-of-network providers for United Health Care and BlueCross BlueShield. Please call your insurance company to see if you have out-of-network benefits.


Please see below for other insurance companies that will cover your Cranial Prosthesis! If you are not a veteran, do not have UHC and/or BCBS, Divine Hair Co. will assist in helping you file for an insurance reimbursement through your insurance plan.

Things we will need from you to process your claim:

1. If you are located in Houston, Texas, please schedule your Complimentary Consultation by clicking "Book Now." If you are outside of Houston, Texas, please schedule your Complimentary Phone Consultation by clicking "Book Now." Please have your Insurance Card ready! 


2. Many health insurance companies will reimburse you anywhere between 80%-100% for the cost of your Cranial "Hair" Prosthesis. For women diagnosed with a condition that has caused Alopecia (hair loss), your doctor will need to write you a prescription for a "Cranial Prosthesis." If you currently do not have a doctor or dermatologist, Divine Hair Co. will assist you in finding a doctor to diagnose your type of hair loss. You do not need this prescription before your appointment with Divine Hair Co.

NOTE: Be sure that your doctor states your specific diagnosis. Alopecia alone is not a diagnosis. Make sure your doctor notes in his/her prescription your specific type of hair loss as well as any other diagnosis and codes for medical conditions, if any. For example, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Universalis, etc.


3. To process your claim, we will need a letter from your doctor explaining the extent of hair loss and the mental/emotional distress that you have experienced due to your medical treatment. Your doctor may not use the term "wig." Please encourage your doctor to use "Cranial Prosthesis" in their letter and not "Wig." Your doctor will also need to explain why the Cranial Prosthesis is considered DME (Durable Medical Equipment). Divine Hair Co. will also work closely with your doctor, if needed. You do not need this letter before your appointment with Divine Hair Co. 

4. We will also need a copy of your driver's license and insurance card front/back to submit with your claim. You will only provide this information when you have decided on the hair system that is best for you!


Additional Helpful Items to provide Divine Hair Co. and to ensure your claim is not denied:

Include a letter from your employer explaining the importance of having hair on the job or a letter from a close friend/relative/spouse.

Divine Hair Co. also provides a written letter explaining why our Cranial Prosthesis is needed and the benefits of a Cranial Prosthesis versus any wig from the hair store.

Take pictures of your hair WITHOUT your wig on and WITHOUT make-up on to show that the unit is not for cosmetic purposes.

Most importantly, hand write a letter stating the emotional toll that your condition has taken on your life (i.e. Self-Confidence, Grief/Depression, Anxiety, Quality of Life/Activities of Daily Living, Relationships). Divine Hair Co. does have a Licensed Master of Social Worker on staff who can assist you in writing this letter. In this letter, you will need to explain the benefits of purchasing this type of prosthesis versus a wig (it is made to order, custom, more security, more natural, fit for your ethnicity, and that it has the ability to last for several years-more cost effective).



At this time, we are out-of-network providers for the below companies. Please complete this form so that we can verify and inform you of the out-of-network percentage/coverage. Each member plan and deductibles are different, therefore we need the requested information to verify your benefits. Many of our clients purchase their unit and we assist them with the paperwork needed to be reimburse by their insurance company. 





















AETNA (60%-100%)









Applying for a grant to cover a Hair Prosthesis

If your insurance will not cover your hair system, we have payment plans for you! However, you could try to contact your state or county agencies. The County Department of Social Services offers medical assistance in most states for individuals who meet certain income guidelines. Divine Hair Co. will provide you with different payment options to get your needs met. We are more concerned with you regaining your self-confidence and feeling like your self again!

Applying for a Grant or Voucher to cover your Full Cranial Prosthesis!

American Cancer Society has a program available to those who qualify to assist you in purchasing a cranial hair prosthesis. If your insurance does not cover the full cost of your cranial hair prosthesis or only covers partial cost of your unit, you may quality for an allotment through the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society will issue you a voucher up to $75 to help cover the cost of your cranial hair prosthesis. However, you must meet certain financial guidelines.


You must apply for this voucher before you purchase a hair system. It will not be awarded for pre-made purchases. To inquire about getting financial assistance for your cranial hair prosthesis purchase, you can contact the American Cancer Society below:

American Cancer Society

Call 1-800-227-2345



The National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF): NAAF has established the Ascot Fund. This special pre-purchase program provides financial assistance toward the purchase of a hairpiece to individuals who have alopecia areata and are struggling financially. Many of our clients have received $500 towards their unit. To find out if you qualify, please contact them at:


National Alopecia Areata Foundation

14 Mitchell Blvd. San Rafael, CA 94903


PO Box 150760

San Rafael, CA 94915-0760

Phone: 415-472-3780 Fax: 415-472-5343


E-mail: Web site: